Career Opportunities in Sports Broadcasting (Chicago)

Sports Broadcasting Jobs Chicago

Those considering a career in sports broadcasting need to be well-versed in several aspects of the industry. These include public speaking skills and a love for sports. They also need to be comfortable working on camera.

The pandemic impacted different types of sports media differently, with those in legacy news platforms reliant on one-on-one player and coach access to create content being forced to rely on listicle-style content. Digital-only outlets, on the other hand, pushed for unique stories.


A passion for sports is a great starting point, but if you want to get ahead in the field, it’s best to find an educational program with specialized broadcasting programs. Having a good voice and the ability to speak well on camera are also key to getting a job in the business.

A career in sports broadcasting may be a dream come true, but it’s not easy. You’ll likely have to pay your dues at lower-level positions before you get to the top of the industry. Moreover, it’s important to keep in mind that the industry is constantly changing and shifting.

Whether you work behind the scenes or in a performing role, stability is a major concern. Behind the scene jobs, such as producers, researchers, writers and editors tend to be more stable than on air roles. Performers, such as announcers, narrators and commentators, tend to experience high turnover rates. This is largely due to the fact that on air talent is a big selling point for advertisers.


The job of a sports broadcaster is multi-faceted and varies slightly depending on the type of sport you choose to focus on. From spending a morning researching statistics on rookie players, to making predictions before lunch, to delivering live play-by-play from the stadium, you’ll have a variety of duties.

You may also work on a live television set, in a radio studio, or at an event. Those that work with specific teams are likely to travel for their work, attending away games as a part of their regular duties.

As a Vice President of Product Licensing, you’ll be the primary executive generating domestic product licensing revenue across the PMC portfolio. You’ll work closely with all PMC brands, legal and finance teams to negotiate partnerships from Term Sheets through Fully Executed Agreements.


As a sports broadcaster, you’ll likely travel to view and provide commentary on sporting events. The nature of the work also involves a lot of writing, which means research skills are vital. Having good communication skills also helps when interviewing guests and answering phone calls on air.

Since there is a lot of competition for on-air positions, you’ll want to jump at any opportunity to gain experience and build your resume. This might mean working part-time at a local sports talk radio station or announcing college athletics games. Even doing so can give you the confidence boost that you need to begin chasing your dream of becoming a professional sports broadcaster.

Earning Potential

Depending on location and reputation, salaries in sports broadcasting can be quite lucrative. For example, professional sports announcers often earn well into the six figures annually. However, even entry-level jobs in local media can pay well.

The median salary for a sports broadcaster is around $40,000 per year, but it can be much higher in certain markets and if the candidate is a former athlete or recognizable name. In addition, salary increases with experience in a particular market or type of broadcasting.

FOX 32 in Chicago is looking for a producer to contribute to their newscasts. The role requires a strong writing and research skills as well as the ability to work autonomously. The producer will also be responsible for sourcing video and researching stories. Experience with INEWS, ChyronHego tools and robotic cameras are essential. The position will require some traveling to events. Other duties include floor directing, satellite interviews and pre-produced segments. The candidate will assist the Sports Executive Producer as needed.

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